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Reimu Hakurei
02 August 2020 @ 05:12 am
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Reimu Hakurei
01 November 2009 @ 04:11 am
[Due to one reason or another, the Hakurei Shrine is back in normal 'working' condition. Reimu has woken up late Sunday with...a hanger. Not only did she eat more than her fill of a large portion of her candy, but some of it included some sweet alcoholic beverages, which she more than willingly guzzled down.]

Ow. Why can't you people keep it down? It's like I woke up in the middle of a festival. Jeez...

[Luckily for her, one of the GREAT POWERS of the Hakurei Shrine Talisman is the ability to eat as much as one wants without gaining weight. So despite how much candy, booze, and other junk she shoves into her mouth, Reimu won't lose that slender figure of hers.

Though, she's kind of sick of sweets at the moment...

Someone take this--urf--candy stuff off my hands. Consider it a blessing from the Hakurei Shrine--a free one! Free blessings from the one and only Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise don't come around often.

Donations will still be appreciated.

[OoC: If you missed the edit to my hiatus post or the entire post itself, replies will be slow an erratic. I'll definitely backlog if I have to, though.]
Reimu Hakurei
02 October 2009 @ 07:50 pm
What's the commotion about? People need to keep it down. Some of us like to sleep in a bit and have jobs to do.

[With no television, Reimu missed Doctor B.T.'s proclamation. Having been in her shrine non-stop for the last few days and generally being a bit unobservant, she hasn't noticed any lack of powers, only a dramatic increase in commotion.]
Reimu Hakurei
24 September 2009 @ 12:15 am
[Due to the efforts of several individuals--all of whom Reimu has likely forgotten--the Hakurei Shrine is, once again, up for business. The Shrine Maiden's beloved donation box sat outside the building, empty save for some bottles and a coupon to McNetherburgers--No money at all. While this was an entirely normally occurrence for Reimu, she still behaved as though it were shocking, insulting, and absolutely unexpected. Rather than involve herself in the hubbub of the Netherworld, she chose to stay at her shrine and take it easy. She has a broom and is sweeping the front of the shrine and trying to figure out what she should do.]

It's a nice day for the Netherworld. I don't think I should spend a day without an Incident training. There look like there may be enough people trying to fix it, so maybe I can just take it easy. I'll finish preparing for the feast and--


[A strange, pink figure caught Reimu's eye. The creature slowly, slowly waddled its way towards the shrine. Despite the likelihood of this creature being one with money (she deduced this by the lack of pants), she nevertheless asked.]

Hello. Did you come to donate to the Hakurei Shrine Foundation? It's important for the peace and...something else. It's important.

[The creature looks in Reimu's general direction and lets out a deep, long 'Sloooooooooow.' It continues to waddle its way towards the shrine, only to stop on the porch and...stands there doing nothing. Reimu prods the Slowpoke with her gohei, receiving no reaction. She decides to sit in front of it, face-to-face, and sip tea.]
Reimu Hakurei
03 September 2009 @ 07:46 pm
This place is about a dozen incidents happening at once at all times. I'm actually at a loss. My repeatedly tried-and-true method of beating up people until things fix themselves doesn't seem to be working. Those dumb Youkai in the assembly were ridiculous.


And the shrine is still a mess. At least the donation boxed is fixed. Still no donations. Ungrateful bums.

[At the end of the fairy event, Reimu attempted to pass a bill by force and failed. Her shrine is still totaled, but, due to being from NetherIkea, it's easily rebuildable. Rebuildable for anyone strong enough to have put it together in the first place, anyways.]
Reimu Hakurei
02 August 2009 @ 05:13 am
[Reimu is outside Baal's castle. Piled neatly before her are stacks of variously-shaped wood. They are all stacked neatly, save for a few she had tried moving on her own, which are only budged from their piles ever so slightly. These are the pieces of the Hakurei Shrine as given to her by the Dark Assembly.]

I'm the Shrine Maiden of Gensokyo, not the Netherworld.

[A packet which had come with the pieces is sitting atop her donation box. The packet of papers were the 'instructions' for putting the building together; it was all near-unintelligible gibberish to her and she didn't have the patience at the moment to decipher it. Now, it was being used a coaster for one of her teacups.]

If I'm not in Gensokyo, then I can't call myself the Shrine Maiden. If that's the case, then what am I?

[Between the realization that she was away from Gesokyo, demanding Yukari not bring their home to the Netherworld (though she was doubtful even THAT Youkai could really pull that off), and learning of Marisa's disappearance, Reimu has been quiet and keeping to herself; she wanted to attempt to put together the shrine as a way of passing time, but she wasn't physically built for the task; she became a bit more disheartened and gave up, deciding to drink tea and sake to waste away her time.]

I hope everyone is doing alright.
Reimu Hakurei
15 June 2009 @ 12:17 pm
Netherworld City: the most wretched collection of scum and villainy to be found anywhere in the world. Here, corruption was as common as common as cherry blossoms in Spring; can't say it smells as nice, though.

Me? You can think of me as an investigator. I investigate 'Incidents'. What're Incidents, you're probably thinking to yourself? Anything from mysterious thefts to strange occurrences to weird disappearances. Some might think of me as one of the few beacons of justice in this otherwise forsaken city. Others think I'm some vigilante with a bad habit of sticking her nose where it don't belong.

Personally, I just like to take it easy. Of course, this place doesn't let that happen too often. When an Incident pops up, someone's gotta take it up and put things right and we all know the saying 'if you want something done right, do it yourself'. Whoever thought of that was a smart man. Likely smart and miserable.

I do it because things need to be set right when there's an Incident and they sure as Hell don't set themselves right. I definitely don't do it for the money or the appreciation: my donation box here's been empty for as long as I've been hungry and appreciation sure doesn't put food on the table; not that I get any appreciation to begin with.

It was a quite night in this city of Incidents. I hate these nights the most: these quiet nights were always the ones with some distressed dame or a femme fatale popping in with an Incident they need investigating. It was always dames coming in with Incidents. If I didn't know better, I'd say dames attracted them like flies.

It was quiet; I wanted to take it easy.

I figured fate had other plans.

[Reimu is sitting outside Baal's castle on a chair behind her donation box, using the box as a desk. In front of her and the box is a sign stuck in the ground with the words HAKUREI INCIDENT INVESTIGATION AGENCY painted on it. She's awaiting business.]
Reimu Hakurei
11 June 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Well, this place isn't so bad. I mean, aside from the kidnapping, horrible food, and the violent demons everywhere.

...Okay, it is pretty bad. No reason to cry over things that can't be fixed though, right? I'm sure Gensokyo will be okay with me gone, since Marisa Aya Yukari Yuyuko The Scarlet Devil Mansion Suika SOMEONE will keep things under control while I'm gone.

...Yeah, right. No one had better touch my shrine.

Well, at least the weather warmed up. It's a lot easier to take it easy when it's not freezing out. Some tea, sake, and relaxation should keep me content until I find a way out. And I've got my donation box, so even if someone messes with my shrine, I can just use the funds collected to fix it.

Speaking of which: Please donate to the Hakurei Shrine Foundation! All proceeds go to charity.

In fact, I wonder if I've got anyth--whoa.

Something is actually in here? I mean, of course something is in here! It feels heavy.

[She takes the cover off her donation box.]

Must be all of my donati--

...What the heck?

[A large green turtle floats out of the otherwise empty donation box.]

Hey, what's a turtle doing in the donation box? I can't use turtles as funds.

Milady, thank you! I was wondering when you would finally release me from that box!

Who are you?

M-Milady, please don't make such cruel jokes!

It wasn't a joke. It was a question. Who are you?

D-Do you really not recognize me, Milady? Your trusted flying turtle Genjii?

Nope, sorry, not ringing a bell. Not the 'Genjii' or the 'flying turtle' part.

How can this be? Milday, you must recognize me! Perhaps some dastardly Youkai has tampered with your noble, maidenly mind!

Maybe. Hey, can you stay out of my box from now on? I need it for donations, not a place for turtles to sleep.

Reimu Hakurei
03 June 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Brr. It's so cold. I wonder if there's a draft in the shri--why is it snowing? It's June. Spring should be going into Summer, not back into Winter! What the heck are the seasonal spirits doing? I already fixed this once. Who was the one behind that problem...? Oh, right, right, Yuyuko. Something about...eating...something.

I'll just head straight to the Netherworld and see what she has to say for hers--wait a minute. Either I got here faster than I thought or someone dragged me to the Netherworld already. Since I didn't have any money to get sake last night, it must have been the latter.

Who could have dragged me into a different realm without me noticing? Hmm. Ah! I know who must be behind this. Yukari must be somewhere around here, then. I guess I'll have to go through those two Shikigami of hers first like usual but--



[She notices an enormous block of clear ice. Inside of it is a wooden box. This wooden box is plain-looking, ordinary-looking, and cheap-looking. But the girl is quite worried! She goes over and places her hands against the block. Her eyes are wide!]

M-M-My donation box?! What is it doing here?! Why is it frozen?! Someone's going to pay for this!